[two peas in a pod]

Audra and Kade are just 3 weeks apart, which means we’ve got two 2 year olds on our hands – yikes!!
They are both the cutest two year olds around and love to play, but until recently didn’t always play together.
Last weekend Meg and Ty were awesome enough to volunteer to babysit for us so we could have a date prior to baby.
Dave was dying to see “Hunger Games” and I was just excited to get out with Dave.
Playing with Meggie & Ty is probably one of my kids most favorite things to do, and they did not disappoint.  Ty took the boys for ice cream and then proceeded to build all kinds of amazing things out of paper (a Lightning McQueen and basketball hoop).
The two little cousins also had a fabulous time together:

Oh, and have I mentioned that the world’s worst puzzle was finally finished?
It only took Dave and Conner about a week, but here is the finished product:


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