[the big day]

April 12, 2012 is a day that we have all been planning for, shopping for, anticipating, thinking and talking about as it was the day Ali & Josh were married!
It’s official, all of my siblings are now married.
Of course we had all hoped for beautiful Spring weather and if the wedding had just been two days earlier that would have been the case.  Unfortunately, Spring in Utah means HOT one day and winter the next.  Winter is exactly what we had.  The morning brought some loud thunder and bright lightning and rain.  This meant we had interesting discussions with Logan as he wanted to know if the electricity from lightning could kill you?
Once we left for the Bountiful Temple it didn’t look so great outside and once we finished the ceremony it was officially snowing.  We bundled everyone up and got a few photos.

Luckily the weather took a turn for the reception.  It was gorgeous outside; freezing but gorgeous which meant all of the hard, hard work of decorating could be appreciated!!  The reception was at Josh’s dads house, which provided a great setting.  Dave rented a fancy lens for his camera and got some great shots, but we’re all a little worn out today so these are the pix are all I could muster.

It was a nice day and my kids certainly weren’t complaining about getting out of school, playing with kids in the basketball room and outside all night, and or staying up late.

Wedding is over, which means the next big event is BABY (who flipped – YAY and is getting ready to join our fam)! I’m just about 37 weeks so we’re certainly on the countdown.


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