[easter fun]

In our house Easter is celebrated in two forms:
Saturday is fun day when the Easter bunny hides the baskets
Sunday is meant to focus on our Savior, His birth and resurrection

Today was fun day!

The Easter bunny did in fact make a stop and just couldn’t stump our boys.  I thought his hiding spots were pretty darn tricky, but amazingly the boys didn’t take too long locating the goods.  Logan’s was stashed in the boys shower.  Conner’s was tucked away in Dave’s office in the basement.  Audra’s was much easier to locate in the family room!!  The morning was spent enjoying the goods before we had to head out to the annual Farmington City Egg Hunt!

Although we were NOT alone in attending this event (it seems to get more popular every year), it is semi-well organized into age groups.  That meant everyone successfully claimed some candy and other goods.  We’ve been chuckling all day over Logan’s prize pick.  Every kid got a stuffed animal.  Ali and Conner had everyone pick one, Logan picked a blue monkey.  A few minutes later we noticed that this monkey had a bandaid on his head – in almost the same location as Logan’s owie.  He didn’t notice that when he picked it, but now they are little buds!

It has been a great day of assembling gifts (Legos and Kynex) and being together as a family!


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