Just when we thought Spring Break was coming to a calm closing . . . .

If there are two things that are a given about Logan, they are that he has a big head and that he is extremely durable.
Yesterday we combined these two.

I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning.  Dave was working from home and was “in charge” of the children.  He was downstairs in his office when Conner appeared stating that Logan was bleeding.
Come to find out  the boys were cleaning up the fort they had built in the baby’s room.  They were sliding down the stairs on the couch cushions before putting them away.  Logan was standing with his back to the Living Room watching Conner.  He must have lost his balance and he fell backwards off the top stair (our Living Room has two steps down into it) and hit the back of his head on the large bookshelf.  There was A LOT of blood!!
I got a call from Dave telling me of all this blood and that Logan would most likely require stitches.  He jumped in the car and rushed Logan to the InstaCare.
It was determined that he would require 3 staples to close his wound.
(Getting staples means they didn’t have to shave his head, thank goodness)
I’m so glad Dave was here to handle this part.  Apparently there wasn’t much to handle as Logan was extremely brave.  He didn’t cry and barely flinched when they actually stapled his head.  That kid is unbelievable!

Not only was this our first experience with stitches or staples (if you can believe it), but it also happened at a somewhat inconvenient time (isn’t that how it always happens).  Ali was going through the temple that afternoon and Dave and I had arranged a sitter to be here.  Since we were unsure of how Logan would be after his numbing wore off, we decided it would be best for Dave to stay home with him.  Again, turns out he was totally fine!  Which was great because it meant I could swing by and pick Dave up for the wedding dinner.

The kids had a fun night with the sitter and we were able to celebrate the future Mr. & Mrs. Cummings!!!

Perhaps the most exciting part of Spring Break, but we are so glad he is okay and is running around being our best little Logan!


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