[so far for Spring Break . . .]

….. We have listened to General Conference while assembling the world’s worst puzzle:

We dyed Easter eggs, which was a huge hit:

The boys have played together SO WELL, including building a fort and then attempting to sleep in it.
Conner decided it wasn’t going to work after about 30 minutes —- good call:

We have been to SLC every day which Logan thinks is something to brag about.   Been to the new City Creek twice (it’s purdy darn amazing):

And then we took Dave with us to see an IMAX movie at the Planetarium.  Somehow Logan managed to fall asleep which seemed unlikely since moments before he had been covering his ears due to the volume:

Audra has taken the majority of her naps at Meggie’s house, which she actually prefers (she’d move there if we’d let her):

Dave tiled the basement bathroom floor and the shower floor – looks awesome!!!  And he felt it for days after.
Then painted the bathroom.  Next weekend is shower tiling time!!

Audra finally warmed up to holding bugs:

I’m totally wiped out and excited for the week to be over and be back on a schedule, but we’ve had fun times together and are making progress on the house before baby!


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