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I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this.
You may remember our awful tadpole experience of 2011.
After we lost the second tadpole, I immediately placed an order for 2 more hoping that this time we would have better luck.
Unfortunately, I missed the shipping deadline for the year and was contacted by the company and told our future frogs would arrive sometime after the new year.
I forgot about it.
Then one day in January an email comes saying the tadpoles are on their way.  Sure enough a few days later they arrived.  We took EVERY precaution to prepare their new home.  We followed the directions to a T!!  As much as I did NOT want frogs, I knew I had to do this for my boys.  I was super excited about the prospect of them living and thriving because I knew we had done everything the company states to do.
The tadpoles arrived on Friday.  Saturday went well.  Sunday we had family over for dinner.  During dinner Conner went to check on them and then informed me that he was worried about one of them.  I sent Dave to go check it out with him . . . . turns out we no longer had any thriving tadpoles.  We had literally had them for less than 48 hours and they were goners!  I had had it!!!  Conner was devastated to say the least.  We told him that the next day for FHE we were going to the pet store and he could pick out whatever he wanted.  We suggested a turtle or a hamster.  He said he would think about it.
The next day Dave and I both did research on these prospective pets and quickly learned they might be a bit more work than we wanted.
We had had a fish in the past, but I decided to plant that idea in Conner’s head after school.  Turns out he’d been thinking the same thing, so without further ado, meet Calvin the fish:

 The first week of his presence in our lives was extremely nerve-wracking for me.  I found myself going and checking on this guy quite a bit because the last thing we needed was another goner of a pet.  I’m happy to announce that nearly 2 months later we are still a fish family.   He’s doing well.  The boys take turns feeding him and Audra loves to watch him swim around.  SCORE!  I think we found our family pet.


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