[ st. patty’s day ]

Yesterday we all donned our green clothes (well actually, Dave and I failed in this) and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day!
In the past, Larry the Leprechaun has made a stop at our house providing the children with a treasure hunt.  This year he didn’t make it — maybe he thought the kids didn’t need that this year.  Maybe he’ll make an appearance in the future, who knows???
Even without that adventure, we still enjoyed our a day of green foods.  Breakfast was made by Dave and included green french toast.
We also had our traditional dinner:
cabbage rolls (which are also a tribute to Romania)
green grapes
irish soda bread (which both boys pointed out wasn’t green; I reminded them it was Irish)
and a frozen mint dessert

It was fun to come up with what we would eat and seeing how excited the kids were!

As silly and pointless as the day is, I really enjoy finding these fun ways to celebrate with the kids – they make everything more exciting!!  Plus, we do have ourselves an Irish last name and therefore an Irish heritage so it’s worth celebrating!


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