[ education ]

Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough as a mom to teach my kids all that I need to.
In the last week it has come to my attention that I am IN FACT providing my kiddos with an education.

We gave Audra a plastic cup to play with in the tub, when she turned it over she pointed to the recycle symbol and said “recycle.”
Then yesterday as we were driving home from my midwife appointment in downtown SLC, she pointed to the tall building and said “skyscraper.”
Yip, I taught her all that . . . . okay, actually “Bubble Guppies” taught her.  BUT, I did provide her with the opportunity to watch the show that taught her :-)!  I’m just saying…..

I cannot take credit for the following story, other than I am Conner’s mom, I carried him in my womb and he does have half my genes.

So, the other night Conner and Logan were taking their shower.  I happened to be working on a project right outside the bathroom door when I heard the following conversation:
Conner:  Hey Loges do you know what happens to big people when they get in trouble?
(Would that not totally catch your attention?  It did mine.)
Logan:  No.
Conner went onto explain how the court system works.  It was FASCINATING!!  He even mentioned that if the person who did something wrong is really sad about it and says they are sorry, they may not get in as much trouble.  Which is good because that would make their families sad.

I was amazed that he knew and understood so much, and then cared to share it with Logan (who listened quite intently I might add).

Looks like I don’t have to teach my kids everything :-)!


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