[ old fashioned fun ]

Just another Friday night at our house:

I had to take this picture because it shows that kids (of all ages) can be entertained with friends and a few games.  They don’t need all those fandangled electronic devices.  It brought a smile to my face to see how much fun they were having and how long they continued this activity!

On that same note.  I feel so blessed that my kids have great friends.  We are VERY, VERY sad that Conner’s best friend is moving out of state in a few short weeks.  I’ve already threatened to keep him here as part of our family.  There is not another friend that Conner gets along with so well.  They enjoy the same things and never get into trouble.  I love having this friend over because I know they are having fun and I don’t have to be monitoring them constantly.  We live very close which means they can play whenever and for however long.  Logan has recently started playing with his younger brother, which makes this move even more sad for us.  I have been praying daily that another friend like this one will appear in Conner’s life.  I think he (and me) needs it!


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