[ winter swimming ]

Per Conner’s awesome swimming teachers request to keep Conner in the water over the winter, we’ve put both the boys in lessons at the Rec Center!
Mr. Logan loves to talk the talk, but does not walk the walk!  He’ll tell you that swimming lessons are great and fun!  When he’s actually there it is crying and screaming.  I’m not worried, I’ve been through this before and know that once he’s old enough to attend lessons with the aforementioned awesome teacher he’ll snap out of it and love it like Conner.
Mr. Conner does great and just complains that the pool he has lessons in is freezing!  He’s come a long way.

Little Miss Audg has overheard the Saturday morning conversations which include the word swimming and decided she wanted to go.  Dave thought they would let him and her swim while the lessons were taking place so we all headed out.  Turns out (like I thought) they wouldn’t let Audra in.  She was sorely disappointed, especially since she arrived in this awesome winter swimming outfit!


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