[ phase one of the birthday fun ]

Audra’s birthday was a fun day!  We reminded her all day that it was her birthday and that she was no longer 1, but 2!
We had hoped to go swimming as a family for her birthday (although I think when were discussing this idea I may have forgotten that I am pregnant, which I am apt to do . . . not sure I’m jazzed about pulling out the maternity swimwear), but our little Logan celebrated with the stomach flu so we were housebound.  Turned out that was okay because it took Audra about 3 hours to open all of her presents.  Not because there were a lot of them, but because once she opened one she wanted to play with it forever, much to Logan’s chagrin.  He wanted to keep the present-opening action going!  Once they were all opened, they were very much enjoyed!  She (and the boys) loves her new toys and is SUPER cute talking to her farm animals, going about her business in her new dollhouse, and pretending she is going shopping with her new purse.  Definitely a girl!

Tonight we celebrate with family and cake!


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