[ our baby girl ]

Today my baby girl turns 2.
And if my baby is turning 2 that means she is about to get bumped from holding that title, as my baby girl and my new baby are slated to be 2 years and 2 months apart – holy cow!
We’ll forget I said that because it may have caused me a bit of stress thinking about how soon that is 🙂 and we’ll focus on the birthday girl!
She is VERY excited for her big day.  She has recently caught onto the beauty of presents; she also happens to love cake (or anything with sugar for that matter); and she thrives on being the center of attention, so this day is right up her alley!
Even the boys are super excited for her birthday.  They’ve been talking it up for days – definitely makes the day more exciting than I could make it on my own.

Audra is the most particular 2 year old around, but somehow her cuteness manages to make up for it.
We love when she snuggles, gives kisses and laughs out loud!  She melts us with her smile and spunky personality.   She cracks us up with her amazing vocabulary.  And she brings the right amount of girly to our household – she knows she has to hold her own and is already mastering it.  She has definitely given us reason to celebrate her today!


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