[ our day of love ]

Valentine’s Day is a silly holiday in my opinion.
I choose to use it as a day to let those in my life know that I do love them.  Especially the kiddos!
One of the ways I think I can show this is through food.
It’s fun to have a reason to make fun, festive, and maybe fancy food!

We started the morning with a little gift:  Star Wars lunch boxes filled with some new games and Star Wars cookie cutters.
The food:  individual heart-shaped puff pancakes!

Of course the rest of the day was full of parties and LOTS of candy!

For dinner we had heart-shaped turkey burgers, heart-shaped french fries, broccoli (because it’s almost heart-shaped), and individual heart-shaped jello!  Then we finished the day off with fondue!  It was messy, but fun!  Logan went on and on about how good it was!

I have to say that despite all the work, I think the love I put into the food may have actually filled those little tummies with love.  The boys spent the remainder of the evening working together on sorting through their school goodies (and even sharing), and playing catch together!  There wasn’t even an attempt of bugging . . . it was just lovely!


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