[ little birdie ]

There’s this term out there called nesting.  And it is only used to refer to us pregos.
I think this refers to me ALL the time!
I love having things in order, but when I do it now I’m accused of nesting!
Either way, I’ve been a busy birdie mama and it’s been awesome!
Besides the fact that in about 14 weeks we will have a new little one, I may be making up for lost time when I was sick and unable to function.  The list of dones so far includes:

– making oodles freezer meals
– washing, sorting and putting away baby clothes
– organizing every drawer, closet, cupboard I can get my hands on (this is on-going but feels so great)
– making my 2011 blog book, 2011 photo book, and 2010 photo book

Love, love crossing things off my list! And it will be good to have done because I get restless when I can’t constantly go, go, go.  Having a new baby is definitely not go, go, go time so I’m enjoying the time I have now.


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