[ 5000 ]

If you know me, you probably know my email address which contains the # 5000.  I’ve gotten lots of questions as to what it means.  Up until two days ago it only had one meaning, but I was delighted to learn it now has another.

Many, many months ago Dave began planning a surpise.
A secret surprise for my birthday.
A secret surprise trip for my birthday.
Knowing that {maybe} I don’t handle secrets well, Dave divulged a bit of info.  I knew where we were going and why.
Dave then planned the entire remainder of the trip himself; including the care of the children while we were gone.  He booked flights, hotel, car, entertainment.

I was initially told the trip would take place the week of my birthday, but then learned it was pushed back a week.  Dave wouldn’t tell me why until the night before we left.  Turns out when he got to planning this get-away he, for some reason, figured out that we would be married for 5000 days the week after my birthday.  Isn’t that sweet?

Our 5000 day celebration get-away was incredible!  We headed to Vegas for 2 days.  The main reason was to see Celine Dion, one of my favorite singers ever!  Her show was amazing, but I have to admit that the 2 days with Dave were even better.  We probably walked 10 miles in 2 days, which is good because we ate like kings.  We shopped, we toured the hotels/casinos, and we may have visited Tiffany’s where we did not leave empty-handed :-)!  I don’t think Dave can ever outdo this birthday celebration . . . it was the best!

Now that we’ve been back with the kiddos for 24 hours, we are {definitely} ready to go again!


2 thoughts on “[ 5000 ]

  1. That Dave is quite a guy! Ask him if he remembers Sister Bott – she lives next door with her cute family. -Emily H

  2. That is awesome. I’ll have to have my hubby read this for a little example 🙂
    Glad you were able to get away. And I was hoping you’d show a picture of what you purchased at Tiffany’s?

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