[ the 16th ]

On January 16, 1975, Dave was born.  Which means on January 16, 2012 we got to celebrate him and his birthday!
Of course it felt like we had just had birthday celebrations, because we had :-)!  But we were once again able to get out and go to dinner together.
His favorite present I would say is his new job.  He just loves it and that makes me so happy!  Most days he can’t wait to get up and go to work – how cute is that?  We are so grateful that things have worked out this way this year.  He deserves this gift more than any other!
We are both very much looking forward to our “birthday get-away.”

Also on January 16, 2012 an amazing woman left this earth.
My sweet 95 year old Grandma Tanner was finally able to go and be with Grandpa and others again.
Since his passing in August we all wanted so much for her to not be alone anymore.  She has been a trooper and pretty fun to be around.  She has been living in Bountiful in an assisted living home and we have been able to spend so much time with her.  I consider this time a treasure, especially for my kids.  I never knew my great-grandparents, so how lucky are my kids?
She was in relatively good health (considering her age) up until Christmas when she got the stomach flu and then she slowly started declining.  We all knew she was lonely and of course didn’t blame her.  My kids and I were able to see her and say good-bye on Sunday!  She led a beautiful life and I’m glad to have her as my Grandma.

One last random sidenote:  even though the 16th is Dave’s birthday I kind of wanted that to be her passing day.  She was born on July 16th so I thought it would be cool for her to have the same date (the 16th).  Silly, I know.  And she barely made it.  We look forward to celebrating her life with the entire family this Saturday!


One thought on “[ the 16th ]

  1. Two wonderful events! It was good that you got to spend some time with Grandma these past 5 months. You have been good to her. Yes, we will always remember January 16th and also July 16th.

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