[ ups & downs ]

We are now 6 days into this year of 2012 and I gotta say it’s been full of some ups and downs, but isn’t that life?

UP/DOWN      December 31st – (not technically 2012, but it relates) is what we termed “moving day.”   Our new carpet was being installed on Monday throughout our entire upstairs which meant everything had to be moved out.  Since that is where all the bedrooms are, we were able to move all the non-essentials to the Living Room and wait to move the beds.  My kids thought it was SO fun taking all the stuff down the stairs and kept saying as such.  I wish I thought of moving as fun :-)!

UP     January 1st – wake up and enjoy hurrying because we FINALLY have 9:00 AM church!!!!  Been waiting at least 4 years for this (no one can quite remember how long it’s been, which means it’s been way too long).  LOVE, LOVE having the entire day to enjoy.  Then bribing the family with dinner so they would come over and help us disassemble beds and move the bigger furniture.

DOWN     January 2nd – being awoken in the night with yucky nausea and continuing to battle the stomach flu for the entire day.  Yes, the stomach flu, not pregnancy sickness (although neither are fun, there is definitely a difference).  This was NOT the day for such a sickness.  My entire house was torn apart, there were loads of Mexicans making noise, dust and smell and all I wanted was to lay in bed (which was impossible).  To top it off, I think my kids could feel the upset in our house and decided to make the day even more miserable with their attitudes and moods.  Despite getting new carpet, there wasn’t one other positive aspect to the day.

UP     January 3rd – school starts!!!!  Finally started to feel like a human being again in the afternoon and was able to begin the laborious task of re-moving everything back upstairs and cleaning.  It felt SO good to have my house nearly put back together by bed time.  The new carpet was starting to grow on me – I love it but it is a stark contrast from what we had (which I hated).

UP/DOWN     January 4th & 5th – feeling like normal again and with all the reorganizing decided there needed to be some new decor/accessories around this place.  Spent two days shopping, redecorating, deciding, more shopping, etc.  This is an UP because it is fun and is something I love and was done with only 1 kiddo mostly thanks to Dave who is spending his last week working from home (January 9th is new job day).  The DOWN:  the cost :-)!

And here we are.  Ready for the rest of the year and the UPS & DOWNS that are sure to come!  My motto for the year:
“Our ATTITUDE determines our ALTITUDE!”
I will be reminding myself (A LOT) of how crucial my attitude is to not only myself, my those living in this house with me.  It’s easy to get down and frustrated but that gets us nowhere and I’m not interested in going nowhere!!!

Logan's not afraid of altitude - climbing to the top of the ladder became a favorite activity during Christmas-tree decorating


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