. the year of the new .

As the sun sets on this year of 2011, I thought back and realized there has been lots of newness around here:
– new job for Dave
– new air conditioner
– new ward
– new garage door motor
– new family dynamic (with the passing of my Grandpa Tanner & now only having Grandmas)
– new basement
– new roof (or soon to be new)
– new carpet (debuting on Monday)

As much as I love new things – new clothes, new furniture, new cars, etc. some things are nice just the way they are.  As we venture into 2012, I was hoping for a bit less newness.  I’m ready to just live with the old and known.

 The only NEW I’m planning on is NEW baby boy in May!
{Yes, boy! As much as I wanted Audra to have a sister and to reuse my darling girl clothes and accessories, I knew it was a boy.  I’ve had 2 very vivid and distinct dreams that could not be denied.  Dave and the boys are very excited to have another boy.  I am also thrilled to have more boys than girls!  I have come to learn the vast difference in gender personalities and I’m liking the less dramatic boyness :-)!  Interesting side note:  Conner & Logan are 4 1/2 years apart; Logan & new baby will be also be 4 1/2 years apart.}

We also will be immediately met with yet another NEW job!!
{Long story, semi-short:  You may remember during the summer/full when Dave was consulting for two companies.  When the Arkansas company offered him a full-time position, he approached the Utah company who also wanted to hire him full-time.  They could never pull together an offer, so in November Dave began working 3 minutes from our house and I don’t think any of us were complaining.  Two weeks ago a surprise phone call came from the Utah company (AKA Adobe, you may have heard of them); Dave was told an offer was coming that day.  What the?  The offer came and it was very good!  Now we had to decide if a huge impact on our lifestyle was worth it.  Dave would no longer be 3 minutes from home, but over 60.  And he would be traveling quite a bit more.  BUT he would be doing something he REALLY, REALLY loved and with a company that was local.  He would be with a company that really wanted him and would provide advancement and face-to-face time with people.  It was a very difficult decision for us to make.  Dave has been commuting that same 50-mile distance for almost our entire marriage.  It has worked but hasn’t been without challenges.  I have  thoroughly enjoyed having him around the last little while and was excited to have him more accessible when new baby comes.  We both knew that taking this job was the right thing even if it meant many more sacrifices; it has certainly made us entertain the thought of moving (probably farther South) much sooner.
That’s the story and we are both anxious to get settled and not have any more new job business for a long, long time!}

As we welcome a new year, we will gladly take it with less newness!


One thought on “. the year of the new .

  1. Wow! A lot of changes in your life! You never know what is around the corner. Best of luck to Dave in a new job. At least your house is ready to sell! And another boy for you! Audra will be very spoiled by her brothers. Love reading your perspective on life. Happy New Year!

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