. hold on .

So December quite literally blew in full speed ahead.
We were awakened on Thursday morning about 3:00am to howling wind, shingles flapping, fences flying, house swaying, etc.
There was no way to sleep through the hurricane, so I just remember laying there thinking about my glass patio table.  See we usually put it away in the shed, but because of the basement finishing the shed is packed so we decided to just leave it out this year.  I just didn’t want it to break & guess what?  It didn’t.  By some miracle and despite being slammed up against the fence with chairs slammed up  on the other side, it survived.  Our roof however is a different story.  There is enough damage that we may be getting a new roof (just waiting and waiting and waiting for the adjuster . . . . as are thousands of other people).
We are told winds reached 100 mph, so basically it was like living through a 12 hour tornado.  The power went out about 7:00 am and our house temperature started dropping, so by 11, it was off to Megan’s.  They were one of the lucky few who had power in NSL.  By 7:00 pm it was time to figure out where we would sleep.  Dave and I returned to a chilly home to collect jammies, pillows, etc.  Just as we were headed out, the lights came back on!!!  It was wonderful to sleep in our own beds after such a long day.
Friday was spent in clean-up mode.  Driving around and seeing the damage EVERYWHERE was unbelievable.  Let’s just say that roofers and vinyl fence folks are happy right about now!
Sunday church was canceled as the bishop just held a coordination meeting.  Strong winds were expected again last night so everything needed to be nailed down and disposed of to prevent damage.
Thank goodness the winds ended up not being nearly as strong as expected!
It certainly was an adventure.   One that made me extremely grateful for my home.  I was so glad I had somewhere to be that was protecting me from the wind and keeping me (relatively) warm.

these pix don't begin to show the damage. can't find the camera that has the serious damage pix on it


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