. the loganator .

We are all fond of Logan around these parts.
He loves to wrestle (hard) with Conner.
He loves to play nice with Audra (most of the time).
But we mostly love to listen to him talk.

In the last few days we have enjoyed the following:
– After church he told me he learned about Jesus walking on water.  When I asked him how that was possible, he said he could do it too if he ran fast like a race car.
– At his well visit this week, the doctor asked him if he gets lots of sleep.  He responded that he can’t because Conner just talks and talks and talks.
– He really struggled with coming up with 4 things he wanted to ask Santa for. (lucky Santa)  But it had to be 4 things, because he’s 4.
– He also had the following conversation with my dad (note: this will probably only be interesting if you love Logan as much as we do):


One thought on “. the loganator .

  1. Amber – I loved Logan’s video. It’s so cute! Zack still loves Cars too! We talk about cars a lot. So fun!

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