. the adventure .

Posting about this trip has been on my mind – A LOT!  Especially since our return I’ve been spending lots of time in bed, laying around, maybe hovering the toilet (sorry) and therefore had oodles of time to think.  Dave and I are calling it the payback for not being sick at all while away – lucky!  I haven’t had the energy or brain power to do until now, so here’s how it went down:

Saturday a.m.:  make Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast; Conner says they are weird looking, Logan catches on that they look like Mickey Mouse; when asked why we would make Mickey Mouse pancakes neither of them can come up with anything; with video camera in hand we inform them of our plans to leave that day for DISNEYLAND!  Let’s just say Dave and I were still more excited than them :-)!  Once all the details were discussed, the excitement grew.

Saturday noon:  Head to Grandma’s to drop of Audra!  We were all sad to say good-bye, but knew our trip would be much more successful without her (oh, and we knew she would have a much better time being spoiled there).  Then the LONG drive began.

Saturday p.m.:  Arrive at G&G McNamee’s; enjoy a wonderful dinner, time together, and good night’s rest!

Sunday a.m.:  Head out on the rest of the LONG drive!  We quickly learn that I feel less sick while driving.

Sunday p.m.:  Arrive @ the beautiful beach!!!  Logan had never been to the beach so we knew we had to at least let me him see it even if we couldn’t get in and enjoy.  Little did we know that he would be SO excited!  He rolled up his pants, removed his shoes and spent as long as we would let him running in and out of the waves.  Made me want to take him back in beach weather!

Monday:  the big day!  Our first day in the happiest place on earth!  I was a bit surprised at the number of folks there, but once the gates opened they all dispersed and a great day was had!

We never waited longer than 20 minutes; Dave and Conner went on every “big” ride available while Logan and I waited a ridiculous amount of time to meet Mr. Mickey Mouse himself (let’s just say the sign stated it was a 5 minute wait ….. 5 minutes my arm)!  We used probably every bathroom on the premises, such is life with a 4 year old and we left completely wiped out!  Logan’s favorite ride of the day – the monorail; Conner’s could not be decided as he liked Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, etc.

Tuesday:  the second big day!  We decided to start out in California Adventure and that was a great choice!  We, of course, arrived prior to opening but that didn’t seem to matter.  They put us on Soarin’ California which we all loved!  We then split up again so Dave and Conner could ride the Tower of Terror.  Logan and I rode every ride in Bugs Land over and over (no lines).  Then we met up and realized we could go on almost every other ride together as a family.  As we walked we passed CarsLand which is currently under construction.  This was SO hard for me.  Our original plan was to take this trip next Fall for Logan’s birthday because CarsLand would be open.  (FYI-CarsLand would be the portion of the park dedicated to “Cars” the movie, which is Logan’s absolute obsession).  When we found out of baby #4 we knew that would not work and that is why we decided to go now.  I definitely think I was more disappointed then Logan; and we did promise we would bring him back.

I think we all enjoyed Tuesday more than Monday.  It was much warmer, there were less crowds, and we spent more time together between the two parks!  Our last ride of the day was Big Thunder Mountain; we may have tricked Logan into going on it and even though he appeared to hate it, he claims it was his favorite ride :-)!  I think he liked the Zephyr since we rode it like 6 times and for some reason everyone enjoyed the awful swinging ferris wheel (I would not recommend this ride).  I was excited to ride Screamin’ California with Conner – that was about all the roller coaster I could handle.
I think another highlight of the day was ending it in the LEGO store, where the boys spent nearly all their money!

Wednesday:  just thinking about this day makes me sick!  Thinking about ever driving in the car again makes me sick.  We were in the car ALL DAY!  The boys did great and we were so glad to make it back before Audra went to bed.   Seeing her made the drive all worth it.  We walked into my parents and were greeted with a super enthusiastic “Hi!,” “Hi Mommy,” “Hi Conner,” etc.  She was definitely excited to see us!

We had the best time together and the boys can’t wait to go back when Audra is 4 (by the way that is my recommended age for Disneyland…..it was so nice to not have a stroller, a bag, or a schedule to worry about – we were free to do whatever and it was awesome!)!  We always knew planning this trip during morning sickness time was a risk.  I was glad I felt nearly normal while there.  I am less glad at how I feel now and it’s not just me, we’ve got quite the sick house but I’ve got the added benefit of morning sickness – so glad it was this week and not last!

And there it is probably the highlight of the year!
I would be very ungrateful if I didn’t mention what a blessing this trip is.  I have dreamed about being able to take my kids to Disneyland for a long time.  When our year started out as it did, I knew that dream was a long way out.  I definitely see this as more than a trip – it was a blessing!  Not just the trip, but being able to feel like “normal” and not having the stress of finances.  It’s been a long year, but I am feeling so blessed lately!


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