. rumpus update .

I wanted Dave to capture the basements progress in photos; I guess he’s been too busy actually making the basement happen to do that.
He did snap these just before the insulation was sprayed.
We are moving right along.  All framed and all electrical & plumbing run!
Insulation sprayed and more importantly, WALLS ARE UP!
Now it is truly up to me to make those finishing touches decisions!!!

I also didn’t realize how much I relied on the basement even in its unfinished state.
It was my workout space. And my extended kitchen pantry.
One of Conner and friends favorite places to go (they may enjoy the air hockey/pool table & hammock) even if it was cold.
And it was a place for me to transition things.  If it didn’t have time to pack stuff away in the storage room, I would leave it waiting for me on the stairs.  Now I have nowhere . . . . nowhere to workout; nowhere to send kids; nowhere to make “hidden” piles :-)!  Definitely a transition and one that we are all greatly anticipating the finish line.

Even with all the anticipation, it has been fun to see our thoughts & plans actually come to pass.  We designed our basement, with the help of Ali many years ago, and now there are walls and lights!  It is pretty fun!


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