. the spooks .

Logan’s most used word in the last 3 weeks or so . . . . SPOOKY!  Which means something entirely different than scary.
He scares easily, is very timid, and not open to new things.  Spooky is his way of saying it is kinda scary but not TOO scary.
So, we enjoyed a SPOOKY Halloween!
Conner recycled the Yoda costume for the last time (3rd year) and had himself his first official Halloween.  He went out with friends; trick-or-treated for 2 hours; came home with about 5 lbs of candy; and loved every single second of it!!  Since his collection was FAR greater than this siblings, he was very open to sharing.
Audra now knows what candy is.  Yesterday at 6:00 she didn’t; by 7:00 she did!  She also loved every second of the holiday!  She loved getting dressed up (begged to do so actually), loved running around with Kade & Logan to the houses, and loved carrying her bag of goodies.
Logan was mellow about the whole event.  Insisted I not paint his face and was very aware of which candies were gluten free!
We had a good one.
A few days prior we attended Logan’s Preschool Carnival and FINALLY (as Logan would say) “faced” our pumpkins.


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