. times .

Yesterday, I was reminded by Conner that it was his “official” half birthday.
He is now 8 1/2.
That got me thinking: what better time to record what we have all been up to?

Conner is reading some lengthy chapter books these days.  When we have time, he reads me “The Lightning Thief” at night.
He also just finished “A Mouse & A Motorcycle” and is now working on the sequel.
He is a big help to me when I don’t feel well and to Dave in the basement.
He is also quite the thinker.  It’s possible that since I don’t feel well, I’ve been watching way more TV than usual.  I especially like HGTV and the House Hunters shows.  I also like to have the kids come in bed with me.  A few days ago Conner pointed out that the house someone liked was over their budget so they better not pick it…..he was paying attention.

Logan is now 4 and that means he is a “big boy!”
He just started showering which he hated the first time, but now can’t get enough of.
He is my best helper, best!  When I ask him to do something, he does it.  When I ask him to clean-up, he keeps going until it is done!
He memorized his part for the Primary Program (Jesus Christ created the earth for me) and now when he finishes praying he says “in the name of Jesus Christ created . . .”  I think he’ll do great on Sunday!
He is getting great at writing his letters and now recognizes the “L.”

Audra is nearing 2….we can tell (she is actually 20 months).
She is my cleaning helper.  There is A LOT of dust around here lately and frankly I can’t keep up.  We leave dusters around and every day she does a little for me.
She is Miss Chatty Cathy.  She knows tons o words and is not afraid to use them.  She will repeat and repeat until she is heard and gets her way.
She learned Ring Around the Rosie in nursery and now LOVES to sing “ashes, ashes . . . . down.”
She also might like the TV.  Yes, I am admitting that.  But I am pregnant and sick, so it works out very well!  Her favorite show is “guppies” (Bubble Guppies).

Dave is somewhere in the mid-thirties region, I believe :-)!
He is keeping VERY busy right now.
He is taking care of all of us, particularly me.  He is keeping the family afloat as my baby cooking has slowed me down quite a bit.
He is working on a baby of his own – the basement.  Even though it is mostly hired out, he is supervising and keeping the ball rolling.  He announced today it could be done by Thanksgiving (of course that requires me to get out of the house and pick out carpet, tile, paint, etc.).
He also accepted a job.  Up until now he’s been working as a consultant for the two companies; splitting his time between them.  About a month ago, we found out the Arkansas company had made an exception and would allow us to stay in the state of Utah and Dave could work for them here.  We were pretty excited to get this offer.  Before accepting, he told the other company he is working for (which is located here in Utah) about the offer.  They didn’t want to lose him and said they were going to put together an offer.  Unfortunately their corporate policies/processes are slow and, dare I say ridiculous.  After nearly a 3 week wait, they couldn’t get anything put together.  We accepted the original offer.  Dave starts full-time with them on November 14th.  He will be working out of the new basement office – can’t ask for a better commute.

I am attempting to survive these first few months of pregnancy.  It has been easier than in the past, but still not fun!
I have had to just pretend like we are not living in a large mess.  I cannot even venture into the storage room because of the dust and overflow of stuff.  I just need to be in my own world.
I know this is just a phase and it will pass, but I hate not having control over my life.  I have to take it much easier than I want :-)!

That is a somewhat lengthy update on all of us . . . that I needed to do so I feel like I am attempting to remember these times.


2 thoughts on “. times .

  1. What great news! We have been wondering what would happen with Dave’s job situation. Thanks for the fun synopsis of your life and family. They are darling and you are such a striking and wonderful couple! We wish you better days ahead and a lot of endurance as you weather the pregnancy “yucks.” Hope you have the energy to go out and make all those decisions. Wow, done by Thanksgiving- that’s fast! Good luck with it all!

  2. Good report on your family – I love that you are truthful and honest about your feelings and life. Yes, as Grandma Tanner told me, “And it came – to PASS”!

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