. unbelievable .

Just a few days ago, our family’s security level increased.
Conner worked SUPER hard on practicing and is now officially
a Black belt in Kenpo style Karate!!

His test was absolutely unbelievable.
That kid impressed all of us.
His kicks and punches were crisp and strong.
He remembered all of his techniques.
He looked confident.
He really blew Dave and I away!!

Conner and his fellow new black belt (their belts have their names embroidered on it – pretty cool!)

And I have to add that the past 4 years (is it 3 or 4 years, I can’t remember) of taking him to Karate 2 times a week suddenly didn’t seem like such a hassle.  Plus, when he practices it is quiet and when he tests it’s much more entertaining than an instrument recital :-)!  I think this has been a very good thing for Conner and I know he was very proud of himself which every kid deserves when they work that hard!


One thought on “. unbelievable .

  1. Congrats to Conner! So cool. Also, this is totally random, but his fellow black belt lives two doors down from us and is good friends with Eliana. Imagine my surprise to see his picture pop up on your blog 🙂

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