. the cost of traveling .

Dave spent the latter half of last week in NYC on business.
Now you’d think there wouldn’t be any cost to us when he travels for work;
there shouldn’t be, but . . . .
It seems whenever Dave is out of town, something breaks.  I now find myself waiting and wondering what it will be.
Typically its nothing too major, so I guess we were due.

Thursday morning, Logan, Audra and I returned home after attending Logan’s school field trip to the “supermarket” (as he calls it).
I pushed the garage button in my car and nothing.  Pushed it again, nothing.  Thought maybe the power was out, looked around the neighborhood and saw my neighbors lights on.  Now I was really confused.  I pushed the button for the 3rd car garage and it opened.  I unloaded the kids and made my way into the garage to see what was going on.  I noticed that the chain on the big garage door was hanging down quite a bit.  So, I called my dad (what else would a girl do).  He could come later in the evening to take a look.  In the meantime I was chatting with a friend when my latest predicament came up.  She said it was probably the spring and it was a relatively easy and inexpensive fix, but I’d have to have someone come do it.  After inspection, we decided that was the problem after all.  I told my dad not to worry about it and called the professionals.

The next day, the technician arrived and announced that I had not ONE, but TWO problems.  Yes, the spring but also my gear & sprocket.  They would both have to be fixed in order for the door to work.  I mentioned to him that our garage door was enormously loud, like I won’t let anyone open/close the garage if Audra is sleeping above it loud.  He said that was due to our rollers, which also were on their way…….I think you can see where this is going.  Turned out to be quite the expensive fix, definitely our most expensive in Dave traveling history so we should be safe for a while.

So, not only do we have a working garage door again, we have a super quiet working garage door.  It’s almost worth how much it cost.

Even though Dave was gone during the whole ordeal, I couldn’t possibly be mad because before he left he stayed up late with me canning pears.  He was my peeler and probably saved me a half a day of time.  It was awesome!  Look how pretty they are.  We haven’t tried any yet, but we are all enjoying the dried pears which are quite seriously better than candy.


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