. who’s who .

When I have Logan and Audra together, without fail I will get comments that they look exactly alike.
In fact recently at Costco the cashier asked me if they were twins….sorry, they may look alike but are nowhere near the same size!

I don’t see it so much.  Occasionally I will quickly see a picture of Logan at Audra’s age and do a double take.
BUT, the photo program I use to upload pictures has a face tagging feature.  It goes through all the photos in my library and then asks me to confirm if they are in fact the right person.  As I was going the photos of Logan, the program had put quite a few of Audra.  And same thing with Audra’s face tagging.
I guess everyone is right after all!  I will admit they do make lots of the same faces.

Funny note:  when people see Conner and Logan together they always say they look alike.  Conner is a clone of his daddio; Logan and Audra look very much like my Tanner side and most of my baby pictures!  I guess similarities are in the eye of the beholder :-)!


2 thoughts on “. who’s who .

  1. Interesting thoughts on sibling similarities. People used to get Dave and Nate mixed up. I didn’t see it. I have to say when I read your last post with Audra covered in goo she really looks like Dave in that one.
    Love ya!

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