. 9/11 .

Of course I remember where I was on 9/11/01.  Of course every year I get to re-remember and honor those who lost their lives.  This year, the 10-year anniversary, I watched several new documentaries on the rebuilding.  I was so touched to see what the plans entail.  My heart really went out to those family members who haven’t had a place to visit their dead.  I’m fully on board for what is currently being built in NYC!

This year I also felt like the kids needed to know what this day was all about; it is such a large part of our history & even our present.  I felt like I needed to break out of my happy bubble and face reality and let my kids do the same.  I was a little surprised that Conner only knew it was the day our country was attacked.  He didn’t know any details.  As hard and ugly as it is to talk about, we felt the boys needed to know.  Dave and I told them the “elementary” details and then we jumped on youtube and showed them some videos.  I really struggled watching all that again, but I definitely think the visual helped the kids understand how awful and serious it was.  It was so nice to talk about good vs. bad and about how blessed and sacred this country truly is.

I was a little surprised when Logan asked the next day if we could watch the airplanes flying into the buildings again.  I told him it wasn’t a nice thing to watch, so probably not.  He responded that it would be a good idea if airplanes turned and missed buildings!  He’s a smart guy.


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