. patience cure .

It has occurred to me that last week my patience was extremely short.  And not really with my children; although I’m sure they would say otherwise.  Just with everything and everybody.  It seemed everywhere I went there were some “less than smart” folks out and about and it just really got to me.  I am tired of feeling this way and so I thought the cure to this predicament would be thinking positively and of some happy moments I’ve recently enjoyed.  I have a book titled “14,000 Things To Be Happy About.”  I love to pick it up and flip through it, because it has everything from tacos, to remote controls.  Just gets you thinking.

Without further adiue, here’s my happy list of 14:
1. listening to all 3 kids playing on my bed – love those laughs & the fact they are getting along
2. being able to sleep on my left side . . finally the pneumonia is all gone
3. my new desk in the family room – love how convenient it is and I love seeing Conner sitting there practicing his typing homework
4. texting – SO convenient and has allowed me to stay in touch with so many people on our own time
5. Logan yelling “all done” from the bathroom when he needs a wipe
6. (can’t believe I’m going to say this) my minivan – love how everyone gets in and out and how simple and “mommish” it has made my life
7. sewing and finishing projects – nothing brings more satisfaction
8. Conner’s amazing teacher – she is going to be the best thing for him
9. Audra saying “Audra,” “Mommy” (a lot and over & over), “Connon,” “breakbast,” “dank you,” and listening to her read books out loud
10. Dave working 3 minutes from our house, coming home @ 12 for lunch & 5 for dinner – it’s been my dream our entire marriage
11. having incredible neighbors & friends; whenever I get sick of my house (which happens a lot), I remember you can pick your house, but not your neighbors
12. I’ve been waiting for a long time to say this:  Audra is walking!  I haven’t seen her crawl in like 4 days, the bottoms of her feet are filthy (instead of her shins, knees, and clothes) which means it time to buy shoes for function not just decor.  My earliest walker by a few weeks.  Now to quote Conner, “well, she’s finally walking so now she just needs some hair!”  Amen.
13. being able to get back to working out . . . it’s been a long Summer full of sickness and other body issues which have significantly slowed me down
14. our new, awesomely smooth road; yes it was a huge hassle to be “stuck” in our loop but now the road I have hated for years is no longer bumpy.  We love driving up and down it!

Whew……That makes me feel much better!
And just in time for our power to be out all day tomorrow.


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