. races .

Speaking of maps, we (me and the kids) are in our little bungalow in the aforementioned location.
Dave is here:

running Hood to Coast (a relay race in Oregon) with his best friend from high school, his wife & a bunch of other folks.
He was super excited to go, and I was excited to have him go because I will be going away for a few days in just a few weeks so we will be “even.”
I got to thinking about these get-aways that we get to have and realized there is a stark difference between the two.  We will both be single-parenting for a few days, but the list of activities will be drastically different.  Since I have been the one here experiencing this, let me share a short list of what we’ve been up to:

– Back to School Night
– driving carpool (loving the new mini-van for this activity, by the way)
– making dinner (3 times which did not include hot dogs or breakfast)
– driving to karate
– going to Costco (with 2 kids)
– making lunches
– making breakfasts
– going grocery shopping (twice with 3 kids)
– organizing the storage room
– organizing the kids closets as well as ours
– cleaning the kitchen floor
– vacumming the house
– sewing quilt squares, a birthday pennant banner and hair bows & adding the Bobcat patch to Conner’s scout shirt
– playing Phase 10 with the boys
– playing on the bed with Audra
– pulling kids around on a blanket
– helping Conner name 10 European countries
– going to Stake Conference with 3 kids (wish me luck)

Okay, I guess I could go on.  My point:  when I go away it requires a lot more planning and work.  I will have to pre-make dinners for the fam before I go.  And I will have to clean-up after I get back.  Yes, they will have fun while I am gone & they will definitely eat less healthily . . . so lucky for them.  It’s just interesting to me the difference in how these get-aways are managed.
I’m guess it must be quite messy & fun on “Mars” and  quite organized & peaceful on “Venus” :)!


2 thoughts on “. races .

  1. Glad Dave can participate in the relay! I hear ya on all the prep for a trip away. It was interesting to end up in UT last week without planning to leave at all. My family survived without any planned meals, groceries etc. I think it’s interesting that Tom got all this praise for going to the store and library with the kids when that is what I do all the time! But, I guess I have lots of practice and have a system to make it work, so it’s not THAT big of a deal for me anymore. Anyway, I hope you live it up on your trip!!

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