. the land that i love .

I am not tech savvy.  I don’t tweet, I hate Facebook, I just joined Pinterest (which I wish I had more time for), and I never know how many GB is enough.
But there are two technologies which have been super helpful to me:
1 – Google Maps & 2 – my navigation system in my car.
I’m sure these are not the latest greatest guiding methods out there, but they work for me.
Which leads me to ask, why in the world they couldn’t work for the city I live in?

Just as I was packing the (2) children up this morning to head out grocery shopping (side note:  I hate shopping with kids, but Dave is gone until Sunday and it must be done), I received a phone call from a friend/neighbor.  I was quickly informed that the street which leads into our street was completely closed as they were repaving/resurfacing it.  They hadn’t informed ANY of the 30 houses in my loop; they had however, forewarned every home on the actual street so they could move their cars.  We learned that they were not aware our street was a loop and that we could only enter & exit from this said street.  Let me just say, that if any person would have looked at our street from a map (maybe from google maps, or a navigation system) they could have easily seen our predicament.  Seriously!  Now we are all stuck here….. I’m not tech savvy and I could have figured that one out.

I recently enrolled both my boys in the soccer league our city organizes.  We have always enjoyed this in the past, but this year has been a different story.  Once again Logan was put on a team with NO ONE else even remotely close to us – this is the second time.  He has not had a good experience with soccer because of this.  And Conner got one neighbor but they spread our neighborhood pretty far between the teams.  Once again, I must ask how difficult it is to pull out a map and clump kids together????

Usually I love living in this 11th best place to live in the United States, but today I’m not a happy camper!


One thought on “. the land that i love .

  1. I hear you on the soccer thing-I have 3 playing and thankfully 2 of the 3 have neighbors but I have 1 who doesn’t have anybody that he knows or lives around us. So Jon and I can only be spread so far and some of the games we have 3 all within a 1/2 hour of each other and all at different fields. It is driving me crazy!! Good luck with soccer this season!

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