. 3rd grader .

{i just have to say that his hair was a bit crazy....not sure what he did to it}

When I think back on my school career, I can honestly say that 3rd grade was my absolute most favorite grade.
I attended Jenny P. Stewart Elementary School and had Miss Altoff as my teacher.  She was a young teacher and she was AMAZING-definitely my favorite teacher.
{By the way, I must have also been one of her favorite students, because about 4 years ago she moved into my parents Stake.  When she met my parents she asked them if they had a daughter named Amber.  She remembered me.  I was able to see her a few weeks later and we have emailed back and forth – crazy}

I so wanted 3rd grade to be as good for Conner, and I’m pretty sure it will come close.
We totally got the teacher we wanted, Mrs. Kelly.
He has a class full of his favorite friends (the first time this has happened in 4 years).
It just feels like it is going to be a good year!

Conner was so excited for the 3rd grade that he woke at 6:40 am, made his bed and got dressed (he then had a 2 hour wait).
He wasn’t able to finish his cereal (he claimed he was full, but I’m betting he had those first day of school butterflies).
And he was able to find his classroom all on his own!
He came home SUPER excited; he loved every second of the day!

Here’s to 3rd grade!


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