. the last week .

I had the best of intentions this week.  Since it was our last official week of Summer, I wanted to make it fun and I wanted to document it all!
I think we did pretty good at having fun, and now I am finally going to document it.

We started the week at the pool!  Grandma Tanner, Ali, Meggie & Kade also joined us and Conner brought along a friend.  It was a great afternoon.  Conner FINALLY went down the slide, but couldn’t be convinced of jumping off the diving board even though both Ali & Grandma jumped off the high dive (talk about a sight)!

When Dave returned, he decided it was time to celebrate Summer as a family and that he took some time off of work.
So……we headed to LAGOON, it’s what fun is!  I would like to change that to:  it’s what hot is; it’s what weird people is; it’s what long lines is :-)!  It was an exceptionally hot day, but since we’d left Audra in the care of Megan it was much more manageable.  The highlights:  Logan screaming on the Tidal Wave, the big airplanes and the Jumping Dragon (he loved the kiddy rides however).  And Conner going on the white rollercoaster, Wicked, The Bat, and Bombora.  He really surprised us and had a great time!

Saturday was spent with my ENTIRE Tanner side of the family.  I couldn’t believe that every single cousin was there.  We haven’t ALL been together in years and years.  I have so many wonderful memories with these people.  We spent a lot of time together growing up; sometimes in Payson at the Salmon Supper, or for Onion Days, or for Easter, at the Payson Pool, visiting the penny candy store, riding Grandpa’s horses, playing in the trailer, pretending to play school in the basement, having sleepovers, and of course enduring the infamous “circle.”  We also had Christmas parties every year.  We camped up Payson Canyon.  There are so many wonderful times spent as a family.  I feel so blessed to have cousins close to me and it was awesome to see them all together.

We were together at my Grandpa Tanner’s funeral.  Perhaps the best funeral I have ever been to.  Ali started the meeting with a short memory from each of us 19 grandchildren, then each of my dad’s siblings briefly spoke.  So fun to hear some stories about my grandpa that I’d not heard before and fun to remember others I’d forgotten about.  My grandpa was loved by so many because he was so giving and just a great man to be around.  So loved that at every intersection from the church to the cemetery (probably 2 miles or so) there was a police officer stopping traffic so only the funeral procession could proceed.  I’m sure those drivers wondered what in the world was going on (and they were probably annoyed), but I was so touched that this city my grandpa had spent his life in honored him in this way!

It has been a wild, emotional, fun, hot, thoughtful week!  I’m sad to see little Conner back to school, I feel like I didn’t get to spend enough time with him this Summer.  I’m excited to see the 3rd grader that he will become and quite frankly can’t wait to see him learn cursive :-)!  He’s so grown up that Dave and he had “the talk” earlier this month.  His comment:  “that’s kinda weird.”  My thoughts exactly.  I guess we are growing up as parents too.

Even though summer break is over, the hot weather isn’t which means now we can go have fun without all the crowds (and we just won’t tell Conner)!


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