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some of the most important women in my life

I’ve already mentioned how awesome Dave has been while I have been so sick.  It was very unfortunate timing, as Dave has a huge deal going on at work right now, so he was already stressed about that and working A LOT.  I felt so bad for him.  He was totally stressed and busy at work and then had to come home to figure out dinner, clean up the house, take care of children and his sick wife, and then go back to work.

This is where the Tanners enter the picture.   My parents invited Dave and kids to come to Sunday dinner and fun!  And boy did they have fun!  They all needed an out after such a not fun week.  Dave got home and said how AWESOME it was!!  He said they wouldn’t let him do the dishes, they just took care of the kids, and he got to relax.  The kids got to eat s’mores, play with the hose, go in the hammock, and play in the tub.  A much needed night out!!

As if they hadn’t done enough, Megan spent the morning with my kids and took them to swimming lessons, and my parents once again brought dinner.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful, thoughtful family!!


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