. keeping up with the kade .

Kade was born 3 1/2 weeks before Audra, but you would never know it now.  He is a busy toddler boy.  Audra is still such a baby.  Kade is running around.  Audra is still crawling.  Or is she?

It is official.  She has started walking on her own.  She still prefers to crawl, but will be found just walking along (totally unassisted).  It might be the cutest thing I have seen — her legs are wide and she looks so proud of herself.  She had taken a few steps before, but I attribute this latest bout of confidence to Logan.  Late last week while I was in bed sick, Logan and Audra were playing on the floor at the foot of my bed.  I couldn’t see them, but Logan kept telling me to look.  I pretended like I could see and was saying how great it was (don’t we all do that as parents?).  Turns out he was having Audra stand up and walk to him and she was doing it.  I think she was willing to do it for him because he didn’t care if she did it or not, he was just having fun with her.

Her 18 month-a-birthaversary is on the 18th, so we’ll see if she has converted to walking by then.

This latest development has brought a much needed smile to my face.  After more than a week of feeling completely miserable, not sleeping, taking an antibiotic that wasn’t working, and being sick of being sick and tired; I took myself to the InstaCare.  I knew there was something serious going on so I wasn’t surprised to learn I have pneumonia.  Unfortunately it is going to take awhile to heal and get back to normal, so this may be how our summer wraps up, but I am thrilled to be on the right medication and sleeping at night again.  It has been a very long week and a half.


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