. splash padding .

I’m torn . . . should I make this summer the summer where I really teach Conner how to work and we spend our days doing jobs?
Or should this summer be the summer of not caring (too much) about cleaning and just letting loose to have fun?

I haven’t decided yet, so I guess we’ll split the difference and spend our time doing a little of both.

Today was a non-working day.  We headed out to Liberty Park to see the splash pad and seven canyons water park!  SO FUN!
Conner brought a friend and we brought Meggie & Kade along as well.
Everyone was thoroughly entertained.  I wish we would have found the seven canyons part earlier, because that was definitely a favorite.  I think Audra could have climbed through canyon after canyon all day.  She also made a pretty good dam in the water.  The boys could have watched things floating down into the Great Salt Lake over and over.  I was glad I decided to bring along a push-toy so Audra could walk around – she loved that!

It was a great day and I look forward many more play days before school
but I don’t know what takes more out of me – cleaning, or sweating while chasing kids in the blazing sun while keeping track of everyone & everything!


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