. the 24th (22nd) .

Last Friday marked the yearly tradition:
we meet as a family to enjoy food, fun, + fireworks
the food was delish as usual
the fun was, well fun!  Besides throwing the frisbee, swinging on the goalpost, running around, and playing games…..we added a new activity:  put all the grandkids on one slippery blanket and have an uncle/dad take them on a ride (the male figure had to switch out on a regular basis because 6 grandkiddos are a bit hefty).
the fireworks were awesome as usual, well at least what I saw.
You see we have a 3 year old who is, for some very strange reason, very opposed to fireworks.  Will NOT go outside if there is a sound anything like a firework.  So he was playing having a ball with his favorite uncle Ty when, at about 9:00, a house set off some simple fireworks.  Logan  stopped what he was doing, ran to me and announced/pleaded to go to the car.  I attempted to reassure him.  He was a different kid after that, very on edge and upset.  I was finally able to convince him I would build him a house that he could go in during the fireworks.  You’ll remember last year:

and here is this year:

It worked until about 10:30.  He announced he was done so Dave relented and took him to the car, right when the finale started (you know the loudest part of the show).  While he was in his “house” I knew if I just left him in there he would eventually worry himself crazy, so I knew I had to distract him.  What does he love?  Lightning McQueen and his birthday.  Since his birthday is only 2 months away I decided it would be safe to bring it up.  He and I spent about 45 minutes planning his birthday, including what he wants, the cake, where he wants to go, etc.  During this conversation there  were fireworks going off, but he was nearly completely distracted and just chatted away.  Some conversation highlights:

“I changed, I don’t want a Darth Vadar cake.  I want to be Darth Vadar for Halloween.  I need my own Darth Vadar costume.  How come has his own Yoda costume?  You and Daddy should dress up in Star Wars too.  Daddy should be Luke Skywalker and you…..there aren’t any other girls (Audra is Princess Leia) so you should be that shiny guy, what’s his name?  C3PO, yip that’s who you should be.”

“I also need a Mater 4-wheeler.”
“But you already have a Lightning McQueen 4-wheeler.”
“But I need two of them because I will put one foot on Mater and one foot on Lightning McQueen and I will push both buttons to go.”

“When I am 4, I will like Spiderman & Batman like Ryan (his friend) so I will need one of those toys.”

I know there are tons more; that kid just kept me cracking up.  I would have much rather talked to him than watch the fireworks; I loved how focused he was and excited to talk to me.  I can’t wait for his birthday because I think it will be a fun one since he knows what he wants.  Now I just have to put up with the constant questioning on when it is for the next 2 months!

Oh, and we should all be pleased to know that Logan reports when he is 4, he will no longer hate fireworks!


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