. lil miss chatty .

On Monday, July 18th, Audra officially turned a whopping 17 months.  This month-a-versary stood out to me more than the others because it means in one month she will be 18 months.  That means, Nursery in church and half way to 2.  It means she is growing up and not really a baby anymore.  Although I must admit that as much as I want her to walk, since she isn’t she seems much more babyish and I love it. Speaking of walking, it would seem it is just around the corner.  She walks along EVERYTHING, she walks behind pushable toys, she walks with her hands in ours (which was a long time coming, she hated doing this for months, but now it is quite effortless – like if I let go she would just keep going), she pushes herself to standing on the couch & bed, and I can tell she is considering it quite  seriously.  It will be nice that all her adorable dresses and capris will no longer get dirty and scraped up, and she will love it because I will let her go outside more than I do now.  Yip, it’s coming.

But that’s not what I had in mind for this post.  Our sweet, little girl may not have much hair to speak of but she’s got a mouth.  She loves to talk and talk she does.  She mimics nearly everything we say, which is adorable in and of itself.  And she is understanding when to say things.  Like when I’m on the phone she sits right by me saying “bye-bye.”  Or when the phone is ringing she will announced “pone.”  Or when people come home she will greet them with a “Hi Daddy” or “Hi Donner.”  The boys love that they can get her to say just about anything and I’m super glad she is learning to communicate with us.  Well, minus the “communicatory” tantrums she now throws :-)! She definitely makes us all smile – A LOT!


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