. hangover .

We are all currently suffering from a terrible condition:  VACATION HANGOVER!  We just returned from a week at Bear Lake.  We were blessed to be able to stay in the same beautiful cabin we have the last few years and it was awesome!  We were worried about the weather as T-storms were predicted for every day of our stay, but again we were blessed with gorgeous, perfect temp days.  We had one day of clouds, wind and rain.

We were also worried about the LARGE amounts of water the lake has received this year.  The private beach we usually have to go to, was nowhere in sight – buried under feet of water.  We headed to North Beach and had a grand time!!  Because the water is SO shallow so far out, everyone had something to do — Conner figured out the rowing on the raft, Logan helped Ty build a Lightning McQueen sandcastle and towed Kade around, Audra gave herself a full body exfoliation treatment with the sand and mud where she could have stayed for days.

We knew if the kids ever got bored of the lake/beach, we could head to the pool…..another big hit!

We were not worried at all about the delicious food we knew we would have . . . and we did!!

We also weren’t worried about the company.  This is a tradition to vacation as a family in July (past trips include, Bear Lake, So. California, Yellowstone, Sundance, Island Park) and we always have a wonderful time together.

The kids all get along so well and absolutely LOVED Grandma’s store, which took place every morning after they completed some task.  Logan was so excited for it, that after asking and asking for it we told him as soon as he woke up in the morning we could go.  His response, “I already sleeped.” (as if he never needed to do that again)!

And us sisters, weren’t all the worried about what everyone else was up to when we found several iPhone apps that required our attention.  Can I just say:  “tap the spork!”  We have mastered the Moron Test, the Impossible Test, and the Imbecile Test.  It may have taken 6 or so hours, but we did it and we did it together, which means none of us are morons, right?!

It really was a great time and I will admit the swagger wagon sure made for a much more enjoyable journey.  I also think Megan was thrilled to be surprised with a new car — way to go Ty!

‘Til next year . . .  and in the meantime the laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, catching up on sleep are all making me wish we were back in vacation land.


One thought on “. hangover .

  1. It is so much fun to enjoy your vaca-. Seeing the cousins line up for Grandma’s Store makes me smile. I’m glad you’re home. Hope to see you soon.

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