. celebration .

As a lot of the country was celebrating our beautiful country’s independence, we were celebrating central air conditioning.
(of course we celebrated the 4th as well)
Well that is after we experienced the hottest days of the year without it . . . oh yeah, it was fantastic!
Unfortunately our little cooling issue did not come with an easy (or cheap) fix.  BUT, we are thanking heaven above for a stellar technician who went above and beyond.  Spending hours suffering right along with us while he worked tirelessly into the late hours of the night/early morning bringing us the joy of cool air.
(he was seriously out there with Dave until 1:30 am
and then back again @ 8:00)

Interestingly (or not) this same technician and company spent  many more tireless hours at my parents house earlier this week.  They also suffered through a few days without air conditioning.  It would seem this is becoming a trend, and not one I would recommend trying!

Another one of those simple things we take for granted….
not that sweating and popsicles aren’t a nice alternative ;)!


One thought on “. celebration .

  1. The name of our HVAC guy is Jim Arrant of Arrant Heating and Air Conditioning. His phone number is 801.776.0905. I highly recommend him. After already working a full day on Saturday, he tracked down a unit for us and came back to our house around 8 PM. He and I worked on it till 1:30, then he came back first thing on Sunday. If I had used someone else, we would still be waiting today.

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