. the day to remember .

June 24th is a day that has been talked about in our house for months.  Ever since we finally learned June 24th was the release date for Cars 2, we have literally planned our lives around it.  I think if you know our family, you know that June 24th was a big day.

Well, that day was yesterday.  We decided to not talk about it too far in advance, but we did start the countdown at the start of the week.  When Logan woke up Friday morning, it may be a close second to Christmas morning.  He was kind of in a “Cars 2 fog” all day.  He was so excited, he wasn’t sure what to do.  Unfortunately, for him, we weren’t going until 6:00.  ALL day he reminded me that “Cars 2 was waiting for us.”  And “all the other people are there.”

Late Friday afternoon we left Audra in the care of a babysitter and headed out to the highlight of Logan’s life, thus far.
{In case you didn’t know – Logan lives, eats, and breaths Lightning McQueen, Mater, “Cars”, etc.  He knows everything.  All his favorite toys are Cars related.  His favorite pajamas are (you guessed it) Lightning McQueen.  Anyway, he’s a HUGE fan and has been looking forward to “Cars 2” for months.  Sidenote:  because he’s such a huge fan, all of this “Cars 2” paraphernalia readily available at EVERY store we go in has caused quite a few tantrums. }

We were able to go with G&G Tanner and Uncle Mark.  Logan requested he sit next to Grandpa, but I was lucky enough to get his other side.  He was so fun to watch.  He loved to comment on things we he had seen previously on commercials, etc.  He even brought along one of his Lightning McQueen’s and would hold it up to watch right along with him.  The movie was pretty entertaining, but I was just happy for Logan and was glad we got to experience it.  The whole car ride home he asked us which cars we want and which were out favorites (good thing his birthday is coming in the Fall).

Now comes the months and months of waiting for it come out on DVD and explaining that to a 3 year old!


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