. never say it .

{Audra showing a hint of our new car which is pictured behind}

Dave and I have said since the beginning of our marriage that we would NEVER own a mini-van. We had friends with these vehicles and they said we absolutely would change our tune once we had children. We didn’t think so, knowing that SUVs can seat just as many.

We just had an SUV. It was great. It sat 7, but it required seats folding down and climbing to get in. It required me lifting two children into the car, walking back and forth from side to side to buckle/unbuckle, it was the best car but Dave and I were starting to have an epiphany. We saw these so-called mini-vans everywhere we went and began to wonder if people were onto something. Maybe having two automatic sliding doors would be nice. Maybe having more rear-air would be beneficial. Maybe having more room for not only people, but stuff could make life slightly easier. Maybe.

We decided we needed to go test drive these automobiles and see for ourselves. I have to admit, I was quite excited to see the back-hatch automatically open & close. Dave was pretty darn excited about the back-up camera…..we were starting to consider it. Function was taking over form, that’s for sure!

We put our car up for sale. 3 days later it was gone. We were a sedan-filled family and it was not pretty or fun :-)! That was too many kids & car seats too close together. Enough to make me never want to leave the house.

We weren’t in a rush to find a new car because Dave’s office is so close he can ride his motorcycle or bike and I could use his car. We were going to take our time and find the perfect car. 2 days later, we found a car we were quite interested in. Dave went and drove it, said it was our car, brought it for me to see, and 1 hour later it was a done deal.

I cannot believe I am going to say this . . . . but we are now “swagger wagon” owners (not loving the term “mini-van”). Yip. Said we wouldn’t do it and here we are. We couldn’t be happier and either could the kids. They have spent the last few days out there just playing in it. Dave and I are still in mini-van 101 – this car has so many bells & whistles that we can’t quite figure them all out.

Not only are we all excited about this purchase, we absolutely know it is a blessing. We couldn’t believe how much our SUV was worth and sold for. I call it a tender-mercy but Dave says that is too feminine and calls it a great blessing. Either way we are feeling SO blessed; knowing just weeks/months ago we didn’t know if we would have a job. Now we are a typical Utah family who will show up at church, sporting events and the grocery store in a highly functional vehicle.

{oh and I guess we were wrong}


One thought on “. never say it .

  1. What! you can’t leave us hanging. Did you get an Odyssey like the rest of the population? Or what did you get?

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