. summer so far .

We are wrapping up the FIRST week of Summer.
The weather started out semi-Summer like and ended more early-Spring like :-(.
We are still in the adjustment phase, but we are getting along pretty well.

Monday we enjoyed the day away from home
{I visited the chiropractor again.  We had lunch in the park and did some shopping.  Conner started swimming lessons}

Tuesday did not go as well
{There were some discipline issues, unhappy children, and Audra started the day @ 6am but I did get some raspberry plants from a good friend and I’m excited to see them grow & produce.  Oh and I forget about Conner’s swimming lesson which is at the obnoxious time of 3pm}

Wednesday was calmer, which is what I needed
{Gramma Mac & Super Gramma paid us a visit and our newest cousin, Annabelle Tanner was born to Casey & Lisa – why don’t I have any pictures of my visit with her????  Audra mastered a new trick – turning around and sitting on the stairs}

Thursday started super chilly and ended with the sun peeking through
{Conner finally got to get in the swimming pool @ swimming lessons.  Logan finally took a nap. Dave worked on his helicopter flying. It was definitely a lazy day of Summer}

Looking forward to a warm, happy Friday
a productive, fun weekend!


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