. the last .

And here we are – at the end.
The end of another school year.  Conner just finished up 2nd grade, Logan his first year of Preschool.
The end of the rainy season…..we hope.  Here in Northern Utah we haven’t really experienced Spring; kinda feels like we moved to Seattle.  We have gotten so much moisture (it’s actually quite scary) which has made everything SO green.  I have been dying to get out in the yard and I was finally able to this week.
The end of “no income.”  We received Dave’s first paycheck in over 3 months.  The only word I can use to describe my feelings is:  relief!!  We are starting to feel like normal people and it is like a breath of fresh air.
The end of Audra staying on the main floor.  She has ventured up the stairs before, but now it is her new playground.  It seems that whenever I turn around she is climbing up or sliding down the stairs!  Makes me super nervous, but I know the more she does it the better she’ll get at it.
The end of soccer.  We survived all the postponements due to weather and finished up with a bang —- Conner’s team was undefeated and Logan finally got to have Conner come cheer him on.
The end of Dave traveling…..for awhile I hope!  We sure have missed him the last few weeks and will be glad to have him back with his.
The end of my awful, awful neck/shoulder pain.  After 2 visits to the chiropractor this week, I think my 6 days of a compacted disc may be coming to end.  Which is good ’cause I’m tired of sleeping with the heating pad and emptying the Advil bottle.

On another note;  whoever invented the disposable cleaning/anti-bacterial wipe is genius.  Genius.  They are essential in my mind when it comes to potty training boys.  But, they also came in awfully handy tonight when Logan needed to have a “BM” and for some reason wasn’t able to make it fast enough to turn around and actually have it end up IN the toilet.  Oh man….where was Dave?  Those wipes were the next best thing!


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