. what I know, or thought I did .

Yeah so there are some days that remind how much I have to learn, or remind me of what I thought I knew.

Today was one of those.

See, I thought I knew that having a schedule in my mind meant we were going to stick to that schedule.
I thought that houses were supposed to stay clean & tidy (even with 3 kids).
I thought that cars were supposed to start when keys were put in the ignition
(but as the lovely mechanic at Les Schwab told me, car batteries never die when it is convenient —- as a sidenote, when would it be convenient to have a car battery die?)

Instead I learned that having 3 kids means lots of flexibility and that a schedule is SO over-rated.
I also learned that those little kiddos sure can mess stuff up, but they also can clean it up and even if they don’t their creativity during playing is priceless
And the last thing I learned today is my lack of control.  I can’t control the fact that my car battery died after loading 2 kids in the car on my way to pick up carpool, while Dave is in Chicago and Logan’s Preschool Program starts in 30 minutes.  Luckily my carpool partner picked up the kids, her husband who works from home jumped my car, Conner attended the Preschool Program while I went to Les Schwab to get a new battery (they were ready and waiting because Dave called ahead and took care of his wife).

Oh wait I learned one more thing . . . . Conner is a pretty studly and awesome.  He willingly attended the program and took over responsibility of his brother.  He also captured the 5 minute program with 38 (YES 38) pictures.   I’m very lucky and blessed to have a husband who takes care of me & us and to have such amazing kids.

Never thought of going back to school, but looks like I’m back in the classroom {house} among other students {my family}!


One thought on “. what I know, or thought I did .

  1. What an awesome family I have. I have a wife who can roll with the punches and find some humor. I have two boys who are great friends, with Conner being a great big brother, and cute little Audgie-the sweetest little chunky baby you ever saw.

    It’s great to be home. Of course, now everything will function properly.

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