. oh what to do .

What is there to do when the rain just won’t go away?  Seriously (as Conner would say) we have had just about enough.  It has been raining constantly and hard for the last 2 days and is forecasted to keep it up . . . Normally I don’t let weather stop me from going about daily life, but there’s just something about dragging 3 kids out in the rain to run errands that just doesn’t appeal to me. Oh and gardening while being showered on isn’t high on my list either.

Instead I spent the day with good friends working on projects.  I spent lots of time with my kiddos reading, laughing, and singing in the car while Daddy is gone all week.  I got Summer clothes pulled out and organized (in hopes that it would change the weather) and packed up {most} of the Winter stuff.  I finished my quilting squares for the month.  I listened to Conner tell me all about the books he is reading in school and now I want to know what is going to happen next.  I watched lots of Lightning McQueen  & Mater movies on youtube with Logan.  I watched Audra crawl {super fast} all over the couch and floor; she prefers the couch and will stay there for hours.  I thought about how much Dave does for me and how I forget that until he is gone.  I prepared for a busy weekend involving a baptism.  And I watched this awesome video by one of my favorite artists:


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