. lucky 13 .

13 is considered a lucky number to some folks . . . . I think I agree with that today.

13 years ago I married the best looking, most amazing, most generous, giving, thoughtful, loving and spiritual man!  I didn’t know it then, but I was making the best decision of my life (I was too young to know exactly what I was doing :-))!  I also didn’t know then what the next 13 years would bring.

We have had our share of hard times and wonderful times.
We now have 3 amazing children and I have the privilege of raising them with their even more amazing dad!
We have a beautiful, blessed life together & I love doing it all with my man.

Yip, 13 is pretty darn lucky!  Happy Anniversary Davey!!
(plus how even more lucky that our 13th anniversary is the day after Friday the 13th??)


One thought on “. lucky 13 .

  1. I hope you had fun celebrating! happy Anniv! And I’m happy Dave’s employed again. I haven’t seen you in a while. We should get together soon!

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