. the joys .

It’s no secret that the last few months have been anything but peachy around here.
HOWEVER, there have been more joys and blessings than I can even remember.  Such as:

– Dave rented a small office in a building just moments from our house.  Conner was helping him set it up and he said to Dave, “Daddy, now that you have a job can we get some new cereal?”   That kid went months without complaining about cereal….he just sucked it up and ate what was available!  Makes me smile.

– I quickly learned that stuff is just that — stuff.  We fill our lives with so much stuff.  I especially love to find stuff on sale.  Well, when there is no income, there is no possibility of gathering stuff.  And it didn’t take me long to realize how much nicer that made my life . . . it simplified it and I really like that.  I hope to continue that even with income.

– I always wondered how Dave and I would do spending 24 hours a day together.  We didn’t think we would have that opportunity until we served a mission together.  Turns out we did just great.  It was nice to have Dave here to fill in and he did so great at thinking like me and taking care of stuff.  Even though I am super excited to have my life back, I have greatly missed having Dave around this week.  And Logan still can’t figure out where Dave is every day :-)!

– Friends, neighbors, family and strangers are pretty stinking awesome!  The acts of service that came our way have been incredible.  I have come to learn that there is no act too small…..every thought and action is just what is needed!  I no longer will think twice before doing something for someone (i have a tendency to second guess if what I want to do is really the right thing).

– Never thought I would say this, but the government has come in handy.  Even though dealing with the process is beyond frustrating, I’m so grateful there were some services out that to help us through.  I learned to swallow my pride and accept what help there was out there.

We are still continuing to wrap our heads around this new phase in our life.
I can tell you Dave is like a little kid on the first day of school — he has been SO excited to head out to work and he LOVES his (2 minute) commute.
I have liked being the mom again and lugging 3 kids around wherever I need to go.
We are slowly getting back to normal and believe me nothing feels better than normal!


2 thoughts on “. the joys .

  1. I love the perspective that comes with enduring a trial and the gratitude that infuses your life. So glad for all the blessings that you are able to count and those that go uncounted but appreciated. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amber, you are wonderful! You will be a blessing to many others who have problems. It is good to be on the “other side” though!

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