. most eggcellent weekend .

The eggcitement began on Saturday morning when we awoke to see what goodies the Easter Bunny had hidden.  He didn’t disappoint (gotta love the after-Christmas toy sale @ Target).  Then it was off to the yearly Farmington Easter Egg Hunt.  We’ve made this a tradition since Conner was young (seemed like MORE people have also made this a tradition  . . .  it was packed).  Logan fared much better than his brother, whose age group was a stampede (still surprised no one got hurt)!

Once we arrived home, it was time to get the birthday going!  Conner opened his presents and apparently got everything he asked for (+more).

He even got a day @ Boondocks thanks to G&G Tanner!  And a chocolate chip birthday cake with blue frosting, decorated with candy!
He declared that it was a great birthday!

After church and Sunday dinner, the children participated in another small egg hunt (so Meggie & Ty could share their candy :-))!  And we all participated in the Egg Olympics …..

It was a nice weekend.  Of course none of the fun really matters; it is about remembering our Savior and His atoning sacrifice.   I have always been grateful for the atonement but am especially grateful to feel of His love at this time.  I truly know He is carrying this burden for Dave and I; I know this because I know I couldn’t carry it alone.  I feel His love and influence in the decisions we are making for our family.  These are not easy decisions, but they are being made lighter knowing we don’t have to do it alone and knowing we won’t be asked to bear more than we can.


One thought on “. most eggcellent weekend .

  1. It was a wonderful, packed weekend. Amber’s hard work and preparation made it possible. She is always looking for a good deal, so we were able to have a great Easter and a wonderful birthday for Conner without spending too much money. We are all very lucky to have her.

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