Logan started soccer for the first time.  Dave and I had high expectations for him that he would actually participate in the game (unlike his older brother).  He has not disappointed.  It’s only been 2 weeks and that kid is in love!  He talks all week about scoring.  He loves to be right in on the action.  He loves his red & whipe (that’s white in Loganspeak) uniform, even though it is ginormous!  We’ve got some fun times ahead of us with him!!

Not only is Logan SCORING in Soccer, but I’m feeling like I’ve been scoring with dinner lately.  Nothing has changed expect Logan’s attitude.  Instead of complaining about dinner and being forced to eat, he has been overly excited and eating every last bite.  It’s been AWESOME! A few days ago I made an asian dish and Dave decided to use chopsticks; well, of course Logan had to use chopsticks too – whatever gets him to eat!


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